Bluestone is an application framework for visualising and analysing data.

  • Generate state-of-the-art functional visualisations from a wide range of data sources

  • Automatically analyse your data sets, big or small

  • Unlock hidden value to boost operational efficiency and improve your bottom line.

How Bluestone Works for Specific Industries


Civil Engineering


Transport and Roads

Business benefits

Visualising and analysing your data effectively is the key to revolutionising your business.

Lead Your Field

Bluestone presents and analyses your existing data in innovative ways so that you can make timely, informed decisions and get ahead of your competition.

Save time

Real-time data gives you instantaneous insights into your operations. Lightning-fast processing pulls information from multiple sources. Algorithms perform cutting-edge, automated analysis and mitigate time-consuming, error-prone tasks.

Save money

Harnessing your data will boost productivity, efficiency and safety and reduce waste, which saves you money and improves your bottom line. Bluestone’s comprehensive framework replaces traditional solutions, maximising your budget.