Grafica’s Bluestone Software Development Kit was originally created by Shawn Thompson, Solutions Architect for Grafica Software, who has a long history of award winning CAD software development. Bluestone is a multi-platform CAD and 3D engineering solution that allows clients to develop their own products to run on various operating systems and across many industries.

Grafica Software came to fruition as a partnership between Thompson, who founded Bluestone Studios, and Innotech Controls. Innotech are a leading Australian manufacturer of Building & Energy Management Systems (BEMS), with a decorated 30 year track record for innovation in both hardware and software.

Innotech have provided many solutions for clients globally, and the R&D team are renowned for quality, innovation, backup & support. This partnership provides Innotech Controls with access to the latest technology for their Next Generation BEMS software, whilst providing Thompson with an extensive, self-reliant R&D team of engineers to assist with building and supporting the Bluestone product globally.

This commitment from both companies ensures Bluestone has the very best engineers developing client-focused solutions and an extensive team available to support and enhance the product for many years to come.

Visit to see more of Innotech’s product innovations.

“Bluestone exists to remove the burdens of CAD software programming so customers can focus solely on developing industrial strength engineering applications, safe in the knowledge their ‘technology change risk’ has been mitigated”

Shawn Thompson
Bluestone Architect