Visualisation with Bluestone

View your data in a high-quality, lightning-fast 4D environment that renders point clouds from LiDAR scans; data from spreadsheets, CSV files, your internal business systems and more. The platform can also view live data, such as vehicle positions, machinery status or stockpile levels.

You can then:

  • inspect, overlay, dissect and section visuals, as well as highlight information by adding colours, textures and annotations

  • drive future planning and designs by directly manipulating your data with the included computer-aided design (CAD) components

  • convert visuals into useful, editable formats

  • automate the production of high-quality documents and reports

  • easily integrate world-class visualisations in your existing applications or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems at low financial risk.

Analysis with Bluestone

Bluestone’s analytics can handle any data, including your own internally driven business data. It rapidly analyses information to:

  • automate manual tasks such as reconciliation, designed-vs-actual checks and safety inspections, minimising human checks and errors and saving time

  • reveal crucial details of your operation in an easily digested visual format

  • automatically detect features such as roads, buildings, stockpiles and vegetation

  • instantly detect important changes such as surface variations, edge movements and missing assets using sequential data sets

  • raise safety alerts and notifications so that you can act early

  • present it in a way that is useful to your business, such as contours, typography, meshes or solids.

How Bluestone Works for Specific Industries


Civil Engineering


Transport and Roads